….It’s year 2080.Humankind’s adventure of exploring different worlds those are hosting other lives still continues. Sekizmilim, which is one of The Bigeight Incorporated’s gifts to humandkind and which also accomplished numerous globally praised projects has also completed their urban-life space project on planet Kepler-438b. Therewith, first extraterrestrial project has been put into practice.

Sekizmilim, by means of these exciting projects has added new targets to its career and has grabbed a slice of history for humanity. It has started to use “COSIO” ; the first ever digital design robot of the world they’ve developed in Sekizmilim Design Offices all around the globe. They’ve already caused similar excitements in 2021 when they carried out the first bulding construction by 3 dimensional printers.

Gülçin & Murat have given trainings to the designers for many years during the panels they’ve organized with the title ‘’If you look difference, you can see different’’. They hit the road with the target of “ making dreams come true “ while creating the constituents of their firm with experience, skill and set up after the university years of Murat at Forest Industry Engineering department and Gülçin at Interior Architecture department . Their self-belief was limitless with the help of the awards they’ve received and they shall receive… Their first award was “Design Turkey Optimal Design”, and then ….

Each award brought a new threshold and every threshold brought a new success. They knew well to knead the design with needs, economy, quality and technology and to obtain the best dough They’ve constituted Sekizadam Academy in order to transmit these skills to young talents. This organization that brought many different skills from many different countries to people has become the center of the ideas which constructed the future. They have created cities of eco-design from 100% renewable materials and secure buildings which shall not cause any deaths.

They have received a recompense for their investments in human & knowledge in the early times in 2019 by Sekizçizgi Artworks that took on the digital arts project of the movie “Humane”. Sekizçizgi was a preeminent linking road that enabled many firms & products to connect with people. They were successful enough to set the new standarts for the most efficient and thriving communication methods.
Gülçin and Murat who ere born hundred years ago in 1980 were married to their beloved spouses Altuğ and Lale on 2007. In 2015, those two elementary families have laid the foundations of the great corporation which today is the “temple of design”…
Growing from past to today, Sekizmilim realized it’s dreams. It’s your turn, that’s why we are here. Just like we have been in the future!